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  1. Dermersal
  2. Tapers
  3. Constance
  4. Mezmer's suggestion
  5. Coober Peedy
  6. Swizzle Nils
  7. Shadow, Hoop & Girl
  8. Fat Craftwork

Kev Hopper
Richard Sanderson
Phil Durrant

Rob Flint

Ticklish are a group dedicated to live audiovisual performance
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Our work is a structured but spontaneous collaboration between sound and image using combinations of automated and intuitive human responses.

Sonic processing, using custom made software tools, are combined with digital and analogue video projection using electronic and camera feedback, with modified software, graphic pen and pad.

With roots in punk, techno and free improvisation, we are stretching the definitions of acousmatic music, improvisation, electronica and live visuals.

The performance is site specific, based on existing sonic structures, but always changing, visual feedback dependant on unpredictable responses between camera and projection screen.

Our present line-up is:

Kev Hopper - guitar/electronic sound
Phil Durrant - electronic sound
Rob Flint - image

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Rob Flint's Scopac Site

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This is our 2005 enhanced CD (with Quicktime Movies) on released on the french Textile Label.

Paris, March 2002
London, Nov 2002
Cologne, Sept 2002
Dusseldorf, Sept 2002
s'Hertogenbosch, April 2003
Venice, January 2005

CD on the German Label, GROB (catalogue no. Grob 212)
12' ep with Fizzarum on the French label, Textile.


ROB FLINT aka scopac
is an artist who works with video and sound, often in collaboration with musicians and sonic artists, including the High Llamas, Steve Beresford, David Cunningham, Toshimaru Nakamura, Charles Hayward, Kaffe Matthews, Leafcutter John, Mitchell Akiyama, Niobe, and many others. In 2004 he published an article: 'Performance, Improvisation, and Image- Processed Video', in Artinsight/Filmwaves magazine.

has had a long and distinguished musical career over the past 2 decades playing and recording with such luminaries as Derek Bailey, Christian Fennesz, Evan Parker, John Butcher, Radu Malatti and countless others. He has composed numerous soundtracks and dance pieces. He is currently a member of trio sowari and is a founder member of Mimeo - a 'superstar' electonic band comprising Christian Fennesz, Cor Fuhler, Thomas Lehn, Kaffe Matthews, Jérôme Noetinger, Gert-Jan Prins, Peter Rehberg, Keith Rowe, Marcus Schmickler and Rafael Toral.

began playing bass in Stump in the mid eighties. Since then he has made 6 solo albums, worked with Stereolab, Charles Hayward, The High Llamas and numerous other people. He has performed all over the world and devotes most of his time to Ticklish.