Notes on the Extra tracks

The Stinking Blubber Lover (5:19)
This bass-heavy track, recorded about 1991, was destined for the Stinking Rose album and intended as a sort of love song but never got finished lyrics and was abandoned. You can hear the way I used to write; an omnipresent bass guitar, lot's of cut and paste and a spidery tune laid out on a whistle sound.

The Apribasser (10:42)

This long, elaborate (also very bass guitar orientated track -as most of the Stinking Rose songs are) met a similar fate. Not enough lyrics available and the song far too long (it's really 3 songs in one). Has it's merits though in terms of rhythm, atmosphere and arrangement.

Stinking Funky Bass (dance mix) (4:19)
Well, this tight, driving track was from around the same period and also part of the 'Rose' project. It's very of it's time; four to the floor beats and avanty sound sources...and once again, built around the bass guitar.

Gingerhats (4:30)
This was recorded in 2005. I very pleased with it's the beautiful minimal nature and lean quality and was going to include it on the 'Kirby Dots' album...but the track mysteriously ended up in mono. Further attempts to recreate a stereo version led to disappointments.

The Golden Quince (16:37)
From 2002, this long, electronic track was specially commissioned as an extra piece on the Japanese version of the 'Saurus' album. It follows my intense interest in granular electronics (using the Reaktor software) - but you can also hear twangy guitars and ethereal, synthetic choirs.

Llamed (3:10)
As you might realise from the name, this 2002 track came about almost by accident -from listening to too much High Llamas music. Although it proved popular on the Japanese version of Saurus, I confess it's not where my interests lie...and I think my dear friend, Sean, does this sort of thing a lot better than I do.